Partnership signed between the States General of Innovation and Geosmartcampus

Collaborate to promote new and more effective innovation policies, starting with the expansion of available digital technologies and services, sharing their respective experiences and skills, promoting innovative initiatives and projects together. With these aims in mind, the collaboration agreement signed between States General of Innovation And Geosmartcampus.

Geosmartcampus is the farm of SmartSociety which supports and promotes digital innovation that originates from young people, startups, SMEs, companies, research groups, with a model of society in which man and his needs return to center stage and technology and innovation are the means to satisfy them ; an Intelligent Society in which the development of human, working, urban, industrial contexts and their relationship is inseparable from the analysis and protection of the environment. To achieve this ambitious goal, Geosmartcampus stimulates the participation of important partners from the technological, scientific, consultancy and services, and social sectors. The model is based on an open innovation platform that provides highly qualified skills, solutions, technologies and services to ensure a more effective development of ideas in line with the requirements expressed by the representatives of the end users who will be the users of the services. Geosmartcampus, thanks to the highly qualified participations obtained so far, can offer ideas placed in acceleration opportunities for access to cutting-edge solutions and technologies, enhanced by the necessary support essential for developing both technological and managerial skills, suitable for the market and for the use of advanced technological tools made available. This configuration has the purpose of allowing a leap in quality for projects to present themselves on the market with an important added value that guarantees their success. Support is achieved through management consultancy and training in the best configuration to achieve shared objectives.

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