The Tixe Academy starts in Rome with the FUTURISERS path

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We are happy to host the contribution of our partner Marco Serra on FUTURISERS, an educational project by Open Hub and of Tixe Academy

In Rome, together to plan desirable futures. An imaginative and original training course, curated by Open Hub and from his TIXE Academy.

In recent years, the association has worked in university, business and association contexts to give legs, arms and head to social innovation by creating a "connective" relational ecosystem suited to exchange and effective reflection on change. Path Futurisers brings together the world of the University, business, associations and institutions to compose a modular experience dedicated to the world of professions and complex organizations that intend to face continuous change with awareness and effectiveness in the age of Digital transformation. A course strongly recommended for university students.

Social innovation, environment, complexity, organizations, safety and work, technology. To be active protagonists in the realization of desirable futures in these and other sectors. “The seven days” says Marco Serra, work sociologist and President of Open Hub “compose a modular path will be characterized by an intense sociological, philosophical, organizational exchange on the theme of the future and change involving highly experienced teachers among the teachers; a substantial part of the experience is dedicated to the workshops during which the students will develop specific skills to address the different dimensions of the experience of change with awareness, effectiveness and sustainability”.

FUTURISERS it is not a simple training course, but a real free format, designed by Open Hub which makes it available to those who want to replicate it in their own territories, within their own organizations, further broadening the gaze and making reflections available.

Numerous and important partners are involved in the project. "Each one will bring a story to tell, a specific, original approach that will contribute to the general story": The Third Sector Forum with the FQTS project, BLAST project, Forum PA, the iLAB laboratory of the University of Florianopolis (Brazil), Impact Hub Rome, Urban Center and ArtaRuga from Cagliari, the Propositivo Association, Philosophical Workshop, UrbanExperience, Entropy Knowledge Network, Dedalo Association, Elysium, LIS Adriano Olivetti and Margherita Hack. A network of subjects that grows every day (For the complete and updated list of partners, see the link below).

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[Activities may be subject to different scheduling; the list of Partners is being progressively enriched with new members]


Change crosses our contemporaneity with unprecedented accelerated motion investing individuals, relationships and human ecosystems as never happened before.

This acceleration requires a new self-management paradigm so that individuals can once again govern change, acting on reality with awareness.

The first day is entirely dedicated to a deep understanding of the individual dimension of experience and to the conscious construction of a self empowered to be, learn and work in the era of digital transformation.


The concept of connective intelligence concerns the ability of a community to crystallize better solutions than those encountered by single individuals. In order for this to happen it is necessary to simultaneously realize some conditions: the presence of an aware and competent community oriented towards a specific task that shares the same paradigm, equipped with methodologies, techniques and tools suitable for achieving the explicit objectives. The digital dimension has produced the proliferation of communities of all kinds: more or less stable groups of variable dimensions, in every part of the world move in a continuous relational exchange by superimposing professional, recreational and cultural impulses. On the second day of the FUTURISERS itinerary, we deal with the characterizing aspects of connected communities, starting with the theme of complexity.


The third day is specifically dedicated to the theme of hyper-complexity, that contemporary condition linked to the exponential intensification of the flow of communication, information and relationships which takes the form of an unprecedented exchange of knowledge, goods and services on a global level, with profound repercussions for individuals, organizations and territories. The theme of complexity is full of implications that never again allow the same meaning to be attributed to terms such as organization, leadership, network. It is in this context that a new dimension of civic participation matures, a concept that has deep roots, but which finds new life and new opportunities.


The day will be dedicated to the possible panoramas of work and professions in the light of the glocal phenomena linked to hypercomplexity. A path of meaning will be traced linked to the role of the new professions, and to the original forms that the economy and work have been taking in the last decade.


The change strongly invests the environment and the expansion of the anthroposphere requires a reflection on the models of management, use, valorisation and recovery of the territory. International institutions warned of careful rethinking and planning of innovation and development models which are embodied in the proposal of the 2030 Agenda, a perspective document which commits the UN countries by embodying a definitively holistic vision of human action and responsibility of man on his own species and on other living species. In addition to theoretical reflection, the course offers contributions of a pragmatic nature with strong implications in the educational, associative, productive and territorial management fields


We are living in a very original era compared to the entire history of man. An infinitesimal fraction of time in which the quantity of information exchanged on the planet is greater than that ever produced up to now, as demonstrated by Cesar Hidalgo in his recent work Why information grows. The amount of information, already growing strongly in the industrial era, then exploded in the digital big bang generated by the web: technology has become an experiential metaverse. The coexistence of virtual and real is the foundation of what is identified as hypercomplexity. Safety and health are two essential dimensions for human life, two aspects that have been overwhelmed by digital transformation  which you need to think deeply about.


In September, the last event scheduled for FUTURISERS will host a WALK ABOUT curated by Carlo Infante President of urban experience, a performing media format in which peripatetic conversations combine with nomadic radio broadcasts, for a participatory exploration. At the end a visual laboratory offered by Open Hub's Visual Stories Network.

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