Resources for young innovators

Provide resources to young innovators. This is how the project can be summarized i-Youth which is aimed at high school students and wants to stimulate them to develop innovation And turn ideas into projects. The goal, in this case, is not to achieve concretely. The attention, in fact, is aimed at the ideational and creative process, at stimulating, supporting and directing ideas so that they can become future projects. Think, to design And materialize, these are the fundamental steps faced by the young people involved. Precisely for this reason the projects are very different from each other, because the heart is precisely the process.

The project, which falls within the scope of Erasmus+ involves Spain, Hungary, Greece, Romania and Italy. The Italian partner is Aegina Srl which involved a school in Vasto, the N1 “Spataro” and “Paolucci.

The guys from Vasto worked on the project to build a cycle path and are continuing their adventure with the identification of possible funds to dedicate to this objective.

Of great value was the final appointment, which was held in Poland during which all the participating boys, over 70 from 5 European countries met and exchanged their experiences.

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