Build a public telecommunications infrastructure network. Interview with Stefano Vinti, Councilor of the Umbria Region

1. The digital future also passes through legislation; How did the initiative of the Draft Law on telecommunications infrastructure come about?

The idea of creating a public telecommunications infrastructure network was born in ancient times, since 2002, when the Region of Umbria, considerably ahead of the national scene, participated in the tender for the assignment of a frequency for radio networks broadband, banned by the then Ministry of Communications, winning it.

After a planning process that lasted two years, in 2005 what still represents the scheme of the regional public network was launched, made up of three transport backbones for long distances (one along the railway line of the Central Railway, one to the east of the territory, along the 'Apennines, and one to the west between Lake Trasimeno, Orvieto and Terni) and five city distribution ridges (in the inhabited centers of Perugia, Terni, Foligno, Città di Castello and Orvieto).

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