The SGI and DiCultHer initiatives continue for the PON - Educational Lines and Webinars

REte DicultHer

States General of Innovation – SGI extension And DiCultHer – Digital Cultural Heritage School have implemented a new piece of the important initiative launched in March 2017 to contribute to the great systemic innovation action of the Italian school promoted by MIUR with the PON "FOR SCHOOL" 2014-2020.

States General of Innovation has consolidated the Network of Innovative Schools - (SIDERA), created in recent months, and has guaranteed direct collaboration to around 50 Institutes in Italy (in particular in Umbria and Molise, but also in Lazio, Piedmont, Puglia and Sicily) for the stages of design of the various Notices expiring between May and July 2017.  Institutes adhering to the SIDERA Network will also be guaranteed the Monitoring centralized assessment of the effectiveness and impact of its project initiatives as well as the networking of innovation best practices.

SGI extension he also coordinated the planning, shared with the entire network DiCultHer, from the DiCultHer Educational Guidelines for the PON Notice on Cultural Heritage, artistic and landscape expiring on July 10, 2017. Version 2 of the document was released on June 23, available in downloadable and distributable PDF format at:

The fact of having produced two versions of the document in one month underlines once again, where ever there was a need, the vitality of the Net DiCultHer and its characteristics of openness and place of visions and shared planning.

Attached to the Educational Lines is a table, available at

in which experiences and proposals of the DiCultHer Network are collected concerning the activities that Schools can make their own in projects.

Last Friday June 23, at the GARR A Webinar was organized to illustrate the DiCultHer Educational Guidelines for the PON Notice on Cultural Heritage, artistic and landscape.

The recording of the Webinar, moderated by our partner Gabriella Paolini and in which the Secretary of the DiCultHer Network took part Carmine Marinucci and our partner Giovanni Piscolla, is available at .

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