Presented the digital self-defense manual: (simple) instructions for use

The web is now an essential part of our daily life: we use it to keep in touch with family and friends, to make purchases, to get information, to get directions on where to go or on means of transport, to pay bills, to listen to music and so on. But we must not forget that in addition to offering many possibilities, the internet hides pitfalls: for example, attempts to obtain information about us even without our consent or persecutory acts against women.

The good news is that you can take simple steps to protect yourself from these people and from network threats in general. Born with this mission The Digital Self Defense Manual (download the pdf here) a booklet containing some simple suggestions for a more informed use of the smartphone, social networks, passwords, apps, e-mail, chats, everything in short that can and should be used with greater attention while remaining part of the our daily life. Tips within everyone's reach, written in non-specialist but easy-to-use language, to avoid bad habits and learn best practices in using the web.

The booklet, born from an idea by Flavia Marzano, former councilor in Rome Semplice, professor at Link Campus University and member of the States General of Innovation, was presented during an online press conference. In addition to Flavia Marzano, who also coordinated the work, the following took part: Hon. Valeria Valente, President of the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry into femicide, as well as all forms of gender-based violence; Monica Lozzi, President of the VII Municipality of Rome Capital; Hon. Vittoria Baldino, Chamber of Deputies.

The Digital Self-Defense Manual is a project born in collaboration with: VII Municipio Roma Capitale; The Smart City Association Italy; States General of Innovation; EWMD extension; ZeroUno ITto; HDEMIA of Santa Giulia Fine Arts.



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