National Award for Digital Skills

They will be proclaimed the April 28th (10.00 am go live) the winners of National Digital Skills Award and give special mentions (plan).

There are four categories in the competition:

  • Digital for everyone,
  • Digital against the gender gap,
  • inclusive digital,
  • Digital in education for schools

The initiative intended identify and give visibility to good practices that are particularly significant considering: innovation, thematic articulation, replicability and reuse, size and impact, evaluation, ability to network.

The selection was made through a process that involved the action of a qualified jury and an online evaluation, via the platform Participate, Of over 13 thousand users.

At the 1st National Digital Competence Award, sponsored by Digital Transformation Department in the context of Digital Republic and made with the support of Formez PA, projects conducted and conceived by third sector realities, public administrations and businesses have been nominated. Get to know the 22 finalist initiatives (first partsecond part).





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