More space for women in Smart Cities

The first pilot program developed in Europe by the European Smart Cities & Gender Agenda is Italian. To put the needs of women back at the center in the new cities. Starting from mobility models, the use of transport, urban safety, and the approach to energy saving and environmental issues.

A patrol of women, gathered around the National Contact Point of the European Center for Women and Technology (European Center for Women and Technologies – ECWT), coordinated byCa' Foscari University-CISRE Advanced Training, has begun to raise the issue of gender within the Digital Agenda with determination and systematicity in Italy as well.

One of the fundamental chapters of the ADI (Italian Digital Agenda) is that relating to smart cities. Precisely the question of the relationship between women and smart cities is placed at the center of the “Smart Cities, Gender and Inclusion” initiative which was formally born in February 2013 thanks to the synergy of ECWT, one of the most active European networks in promoting gender equality in access to ICT, Stati Generali Innovazione, Forum PA and Future@lfeminine, going to integrate the activities of the Women's Observatory in the PA.

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