atNational Assembly Of IT Without Borders, ISF, “Equo e digitale”, which will take place in Pisa on April 14th, will also be attended by the General States of Innovation. The SGI president, Flavia Marzano, is one of the keynotes of the usual spring appointment, which will be held at the Department of Computer Science (Gerace room) of the University of Pisa. In parallel sessions to the event there will be the workshop "Fair and digital - when technology is supportive", divided into mini-speakers presented by speakers with different skills and experiences so as to provide an analysis of the technological-solidarity phenomenon from several points of view .

The site dedicated to the event
is the point of reference for all information (constantly updated) relating to the assembly, the workshop and overnight stays in the affiliated facilities.

In order to participate, the registration and the booking of lunch, dinner and the Sunday tourist event (the tourism councilor promises a different day from the usual circuits, we are collaborating to offer a rewarding experience).
Here you can find the complete program of the event and here the poster.

To be updated on the event, follow on Twitter @equoedigitale.

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