Why does the Chamber of Commerce exist?

Perché esiste la visura camerale?I have been participating in conferences on the computerization of the Public Administration for years (about 20), I have attended the speeches of well-known experts who illustrated the advantages of a unified system of access to online resources of the Public Administration (as opposed to the current scenario, in which citizens are forced to navigate between dozens and dozens of different accounts). I looked at graphs illustrating the number of lives saved by the desirable affirmation of the digital health record (standard and interoperable, please). I was explained how much easier life would become with an electronic identity card, which is still an "experiment" several decades later.

Years go by, or rather decades, and nothing is done. In moments of discouragement one thinks of being governed by inept people. But I'm stubborn, and I want to believe that if we get together a few intelligent people, some willing - and perhaps competent - political interlocutor we can find him.

This time though, please indulge me, I wouldn't deal with big projects. We shouldn't sponsor the creation of a unified access system for all public administration resources, because it might annoy some contractors and some system administrators. Nor will we have to replace the anti-mafia certificate, which today is a perfectly useless (and forgeable) self-certified piece of paper, with a free, unforgeable and real-time updated database. Because it could annoy criminal organizations. Let's not even talk about the digital medical records, they are millionaire deals that the multinationals supervise with the lupares.

We fly low, very low. Let's take care of a small, very small thing, that nobody bothers and nobody cares. Let's try to understand why there is a "company certificate". We produce millions of copies every year, in other words we ask a computer system to print digital information on a sheet of paper, which a human being has to go and collect in a building (losing a day's work), and then take it to another building, where it will be digitized again. The version according to some "smart" people is that someone else does these things (for a fee, obviously and rightly) for us, or even that I can print the sheet of paper myself (through an expensive and bizarre procedure).

That it is a stupid and harmful practice, I think, is clear to everyone. So, if we think about it, maybe we'll find out why it survives. I'm not making a provocation, I don't want to imply that there is incompetence or backwardness somewhere. I don't want to dismiss the matter with two jokes, and I don't want to vent my frustration. I really want to investigate the reasons for such a gross malfunction. It may be that if we manage to find out why the chamber of commerce registration survives, sooner or later we will also be able to do the other good things made possible by the no longer recent technological innovations.

I'm serious, can you help me understand?

Remember that there is space for comments below. Thank you.

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