The withdrawal of the Interception bill is necessary: the risk for freedom of expression and information in telematic networks is too high

Press release

The association expresses its strong opposition to the so-called wiretapping bill and requests its withdrawal; it also supports Wikipedia in its battle to safeguard its freedom and independence.

The government and the majority have decided to postpone the discussion on this disputed "Interception bill", which risks undermining the possibility of information also by the media and investigation by the judiciary.

The DDL contains a paragraph, number 29, which effectively denies freedom of expression on the web even to ordinary citizens and which, if in force, would also cause the closure of sites such as Wikipedia. We have welcomed the amendment of the Committee of Nine which reduces the damage of paragraph 29, reducing the obligation of rectification to registered publications only. However, this is only a reduction of the damage, which remains, and in any case an amendment that there is no certainty will be approved at the end of the parliamentary debate.

The postponement is good news, but the possibility of restarting the parliamentary process of the decree from the point where it is today, with the risk that the association deems unsustainable, to approve the original paragraph 29 and affect the freedom of expression of citizens.

For this reason we strongly ask for the withdrawal of the decree.

The States General of Innovation

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