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The learning meeting in Terni last year

Friday 18th September from 10.00 twelve speakers and speakers they will take turns to talk about the different ones nuances of opportunities that the Internet and social networks make available, if used with competence and awareness.

The activities of the House of Women  of Terni start again with “Social and network: new opportunities”. A new collaboration between the Network Wister and Terni Donne, with the support of media partners Girl Geek Life And Woman In Business  for the realization of a training day dedicated to the promotion of technological innovation and the use of network opportunities ed promote women's activities and creativity, but not only.

"The WISTER network continues the journey with/by/for women towards greater awareness of the use of technologies and above all by learning to see them as "friends" for new job opportunities, business, meetings and knowledge sharing" he has declared Flavia Marzano President of the General States of Innovation and creator of the WISTER network.

The free training day, like all WISTER-SGI learning meetings, will begin with the opportunities related to online training, just a click away and which allows you to acquire, enhance and promote skills; it will continue with the management of online projects, the knowledge of the responsibilities one has in posting contents on the Net, the best ways to find work through the Internet.

He will intervene at the end of the morning Francesca Tilio, creator of the project The Pink Project and author of the book "Females are odd numbers” who will present her project explaining how the Net has helped her to spread the message of hope that her photographic project wants to bring.

In the afternoon we will mainly focus on marketing and personal branding going to deepen, through a series of how-tos, how to make the most of it Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus and blogs and how to use the Net consciously. We will then talk about the opportunities related to new media and digital journalism to close with advice on how to accompany children in the use of technologies.

“Organizing events like these with the support of a structure like Casa delle Donne was as easy this year as it was last year. That of the 18th is intended to be a day aimed at demonstrating, through the presence of thirteen experts, how important it is today more than a few years ago to build strong professional networks, exploiting the potential of social networks. We will reiterate, through a "choral" reading of opportunities and risks, the fact that awareness, knowledge and competence are needed to feel good on the Net" he has declared Sonia Montegiove speaker and co-organizer of the day.

Paula Gigante, a member of the board of directors of the Casa delle Donne explains: “The House of Women is a municipal service defined as "community" aimed at all women of the city, without exclusion or distinction and is part of the network of services of the Municipality of Terni for the contrast and prevention of violence against women. Terni Donne, Association for social promotion is a network of women, women's associations, informal groups of Terni that has placed the role of women at the center, their needs and desires and has as its objective to achieve, through the activities that are organized every day at the HOUSE OF WOMEN, that of women's freedom understood as self-empowerment and self-determination, in physical, psychological, social and cultural well-being

"There free training day Paula continues. that will start give her 9:30 on Friday 18 September at the Casa delle Donne of Terni in Via Aminale 20/22 will allow you to know, in the various facets, how to be able to use what the Internet offers in an aware and "useful" way: the Wisters will concretely suggest how the promotion of one's own skills or facilitating the job search without neglecting the legal aspects, responsibilities and ethics linked to the contents that are published”.

To follow, share and participate in the event via social follow the twitter accounts @wisterwister, @ternidonne, @sginnovazione or the hashtag #wister at home 

Here you will find the program and the poster

For more information https://www.facebook.com/events/1607274069532066/




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