The proposals of the ebook "Put the future of the country on the agenda" in the Digital Agenda concept

Since it seems that some workforces of the control room for the Italian Digital Agenda will not hold a consultation/hearing, we decided to insert anyway in the idea of the public discussion of the ADI some of the main proposals collected in the ebook "Put the future of the country on the agenda". The invitation is, if you agree with the proposals, to vote for them. Numerous. Let's make ourselves heard.

The proposals inserted are (the logic of the idea was followed and therefore ideas and proposals already present were not duplicated):

  1. a plan for the relaunch of the ICT sector (e-commerce);
  2. a procurement that favors innovation (e-government and open data);
  3. a table for the promotion of open data (e-government and open data);
  4. a "bill of rights for digital citizenship" (e-government and open data);
  5. implement the local digital agenda (smart cities & communities);
  6. set up digital services conferences (smart cities & communities);
  7. a regulatory plan for innovation and connectivity (smart cities & communities);
  8. create a network of libraries (digital skills);
  9. RAI programming for digital (digital skills);
  10. a plan for inclusion (digital skills);
  11. a knowledge network (digital skills);
  12. creation of public access points to the network (digital skills);
  13. a national digital skills program (digital skills);
  14. access to the broadband network as a universal service (infrastructure and security).

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