Digital Platforms for Adult Education: 5 workshops in Rome from 27 to 29 October 2022

Digital Platforms for Adult Education” is the title of the three days of workshops and training that will be held on 27-28-29 October 2022 at the CPIA3 Rome (Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 217).

The development of digital skills of the population undoubtedly represents one of the priority axes of most of the policies and programs for growth and cohesion of the European Union. The program Erasmus+ identifies expanding digital readiness, resilience and capabilities as a useful strategy for meet the challenges of digital transformation and places this objective among the four priority areas of intervention for all sectors of education together with: inclusion and diversity - environment and the fight against climate change - common values, civic engagement and participation.

A strategy which, in order to be implemented effectively and sustainably, must necessarily take into consideration i training needs of all actors in the education system, integrating transversally with curricular and extra-curricular activities aimed at developing other lifelong learning competences, such asentrepreneurship, the multilingual knowledge it's the same social and civic competence in matters of citizenship.

In this context, the CPIA Rome 3 proposes, in collaboration with States General of Innovation and the European Grants International Academy, three days of meetings, workshops and discussions for all senior executives, teachers and students of the CPIA partners of the Research, Experimentation and Development Center (CRSS) of Lazio, with a focus on digital platforms for adult education and how these can improve the personalization and individualization of educational paths.

Each day will be dedicated to one specific core competency and the activities include the participation of up to 30 members between teachers, students, technical staff and researchers. The deadline for registering (or registering a group of participants) for one or more meetings is Friday 14th October via the online form available at the following link:

All participants will be issued a certificate of attendance.




The “Missing Entrepreneurs” project aims to build a more inclusive culture towards digital start-ups and to support the development of digital and entrepreneurial skills among vulnerable population groups still underrepresented in digital entrepreneurship, such as women, immigrants, young people and elderly people.

The workshop includes a presentation of the platform developed by the project partners and an interactive laboratory to stimulate and improve the entrepreneurial spirit.

14.00 – 18.00 W4GEA 

The “W4GEA – Young Women for Grassroots Engagement Actions” project aims to improve the social and labor market integration of women with low basic skills, improving the ability of educators to involve them in basic projects for the sustainable development of local communities .

During the workshop, participants will be involved in self-empowerment activities and focus groups on training needs in the digital environment. 


9:00 – 13:00 TO THE CURRICULUM

What impact should we expect from the growing use of Artificial Intelligence systems in everyday life? How can I convey complex concepts such as those of algorithm And matching learning in a simple and effective way? With the workshop of the project "AI Curriculum - AI in Adult Education" we intend to present the training toolkit and the platform created for the benefit of adult educators and their learners. The event will be attended by EPALE Ambassadors Sabrina Grigolo and Valentina Verzè.

14.00 – 18.00 YOU-WEEN!

YOU_WEEN! is the acronym of “YOUng Women grEen ENtrepreneurs”, a KA2 Erasmus project with the aim of providing effective tools to disadvantaged women through the promotion of green thinking (green thinking) and the promotion of local bottom-up sustainable development actions.

Participants will be divided into teams and will participate in one micro challenge proposing innovative urban green solutions in the area surrounding the CPIA 3 and will be supported in promoting their initiative through the online platform made available by the project.



The project "EDA'n'EDA – Advanced Digital Experiences in Adult Education” has as its main objective the improvement of the digital skills of those involved in adult education to guarantee a training offer capable of responding to the challenges of digital transformation and to ensure a higher level of inclusion, accessibility and flexibility of formal and informal training courses , with particular attention to adult learners belonging to disadvantaged groups.

The event will include:

  • interventions by some of the more than 120 teachers who have benefited from the Erasmus+ mobility grants for carrying out job shadowing o participation in structured training courses abroad;

  • working tables for sharing the follow-up projects envisaged by the teachers of the partner CPIAs and the co-planning of training interventions for the development of digital skills;

  • a closing AperiEPALE with the presentation of the opportunities and services offered by the Electronic Platform for Lifelong Learning in Europe – EPALE and a networking buffet.

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