Guidelines for teachers and educators on how to deal with misinformation

I am online "The Guidelines for teachers and educators on how to tackle disinformation and promote digital literacy through education”  intended for primary and lower secondary school teachers/educators. I'm a'key initiative of Digital Education Action Plan (2021-2027) of the European Commission and have been prepared by a dedicated group of Commission experts. They provide a practical guide for teachers and educators with practical advice, activity plans, topic insights and notes on what 'works' in digital literacy and education and training.

What are the goals they intend to achieve?
  • Generate a broader understanding of digital literacy through education and training
  • Promote responsible and safe use of digital technologies
  • Foster better public awareness and knowledge of disinformation

The Guidelines provide pedagogical skills to strengthen critical thinking skills of the new digital citizens in order to promote theirs resilience in the digital world.

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