"The new generation of Cities and Territories, skills beyond the comfort zone": the SGI webinars

The new generation Cities and Territories: skills beyond comfort zones” is the title of the next webinar of the cycle of seminars of the States General of Innovation “Divine Thursdays” (Disclosure of Innovation), promoted as part of the Internet Governance Forum Italia 2021 (Chamber of Commerce of Cosenza, 9-11 November 2021).

The webinar is the final national event of the project "DevOps competences for Smart Cities – Smart DevOps” (“Sector Skills Alliance” – Erasmus+ KA2), which in three years of intense work has tackled a fundamental but often underestimated issue of the training of public officials in the new Information Technology (IT) paradigms required to be able to operate and manage the "intelligent communities" that require specific skills and professionalism that are not always widespread with the necessary ICT specialization among the Smart Cities operators of the near future.

The appointment is for Thursday 28 October 2021 (18 – 19.30), by the SGI Vice President Sergio Farruggia and the participation of industry experts: Fulvio Ananasso, President of SGI, partner association of Smart DevOps; Maria Vittoria Castellani, of the National Coordination of the Copernicus Academy; Stephen Rossi, Innovation Manager at K-Digitale, partner of Smart DevOps; Monica Sebillo, president of AM/FM GIS Italia, referent focus group Women in GI –EUROGI; Andrea Taramelli, National Delegate to the Copernicus European Committee and User Forum

The webinar is free and requires registration below links. Subscribers will receive a confirmation email with the information to access the meeting on the Zoom platform.

Audio-video recordings of previous seminars are available on SGI YouTube channel.

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