The Innovation Agenda for the future of Italy – Rome 4 February 2013

Better late than never:
The Innovation Agenda for the future of Italy

States General of Innovation
Rome – CNR, Piazzale Aldo Moro 7
February 4, 2013


8.30 Registration of participants

9,30-10,00 Opening of works 

  • Luigi Nicolais (CNR President)
  • Rino Falcone (ISTC director-CNR, Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies)
  • Presentation of the event and of the “Charter of intent for innovationby SGI

10.00-11.30 The Italian digital agenda – where are we? 

They intervene:

  • Dino Bortolotto (President assoprovider);
  • Antonello Busetto (Director Assinform);
  • Mario Calderini (Innovation Advisor, MiUR);
  • Charles Flamment (President Formez);
  • Antonella Galdi (Head of Innovation, ANCI);
  • Dominic Laforenza (IIT Director-CNR, Institute of Informatics and Telematics);
  • John Menduni (Programming Area Coordinator, Sustainability, Innovation Municipality of Florence);
  • Antonio Naddeo (Head of the Public Function Department, MiPA);
  • Agostino Ragosa (Director Agency for Digital Italy);
  • Robert Sambuco* (Head of Communications Department, Put);
  • Edward Zanchini (Vice president Legambiente)

leads: SGI extension 

*invited, awaiting confirmation

11.30-11.45 Presentation of the topics of discussion in the open talks

11.45-13.30 Open talks

Discussion on the topics and questions to be used for discussion with politicians, articulated according to the cardinal points and on the basis of the Charter of Intent for innovation:

  • Creativity and shared knowledge
  • Digital inclusion
  • Innovation for development
  • OpenGovernment


 14.30-15.00 Presentation of the e-book "The words of innovation"

15.00-18.30 Open Panel - The Charter of Intent for Innovation - The candidates in the national and regional elections commit themselves

Introduction with summary of the "Charter of intent for innovation" edited by SGI extension

Application session by the shakers and rapporteurs/euses of the open talk (5 minutes at the cardinal point)

Brief interventions (max 5 minutes) of candidates who sign the Charter and answer questions from the open talks.

Here is the updated list of candidates

18.30 Conclusion of the works

20.00-22.00 Social evening

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