Security and the message: webinar with Gianni Dominici

gianni dominici

If Roberto Fico strongly argues that the public service (RAI) must produce high-quality information, speaking about the reform under discussion in Parliament, the information it conveys through social networks is no less. Producing high quality information is not just a matter of specialization in the field, or in a field, of social interest, it also means quality of the code, of the language used to convey the information itself. The message is the medium he said Luhmann, meaning precisely that the use of the code through which the message is transmitted is more significant than the message itself. It conforms it, it characterizes it: the media, the TV but also the language, the way of expressing, signify the intentionality and purpose of the message. Today we can go even further. Social media characterize to a greater extent the messages and the information and knowledge that are conveyed. They express its modalities, exaggerations, hyperbole or authenticity. So social networks, a virtual square, are the message. Modern technologies are the message and also the form. The world becomes chaotic but also closer and more interactive and through interactivity and 'proximity' the knots of chaos can be untied.
There is a 'message' that conveys good information and knowledge: the webinars. It is a neologism, like so many there are today. It is given by the union of the two sememes web And seminary. It's an on-line seminar to which you connect through the webcam (PC camera), so you can see each other and you can answer or ask questions. Absolutely interactive. If you don't have a microphone, you can simply write through the chat platform. But in all this interactivity it is very important to maintain high levels of security and also privacy.
On Tuesday 29th September FPA (FORUM PA), in collaboration with HORUS and Cyberoam, organizes a webinar for insiders, but also all those who are interested, to illustrate which solutions the PA should adopt and which interventions are required to create a robust, reliable and secure IT environment.
It's titled Tailor-made security for digital PA: how to protect data and services.

It will take place online on Tuesday 29 September at 12.30 – 13.30. It is necessary to register and authenticate. Participation is free. The link is here.
Computer intrusions, unauthorized disclosure of information, interruption of public service: in an increasingly digital PA there are many dangers from which administrations must learn to defend themselves in order to protect both users and public resources. In fact, the PA possesses an enormous and highly valuable wealth of data, including sensitive data, which must be protected and safeguarded with effective tools, always up-to-date and able to follow the rapid evolution of the threats that the administrations are faced with.


• Gianni Dominici – FORUM PA
Introductory greeting

•Giuseppe Verrini – Horus Informatics
Digital Disruption and security infrastructures: how the needs of the PA are changing
• Massimo Littardi – Horus Informatics
Professional services and SOC: how to make PA security solutions effective
• Gabriele Faggioli – Milan Polytechnic
Legal elements of computer security

•Questions and answers

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