The Pisa appointment of the Internet Festival begins today with 104 events, 3 thematic areas, 200 speakers, 12 locations and then shows, performances, workshops, tutorials, concerts, seminars, debates, laboratories proposed in unconventional ways. A moment of collective participation in the digital revolution. Also present were the States General of Innovation, with the president Flavia Marzano who will intervene on Friday at the event "Digital Agenda Day", the Digital Agenda event within the Internet Festival which aims to be the continuation of the "European Digital Agenda at local level" events organized in 2011 in Italy, in which important issues for Italy and the Europe to achieve the set goals by 2020.

On Saturday, however, he will speak at the event "Digital Futures – Brainstorming by the European Commission”, an exercise of visioning participatory aimed at the elaboration of 2050 scenarios and policy 'pathways', supported by the long-term progress of ICT with Franco Accordino of the European Commission.

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