Innovators Jam 2011

We report this interesting initiative of theAgency for the diffusion of technologies for innovation.

Innovators Jam 2011

Innovators Jam 2011

What is that  JAM extension? It is a discussion session (like the jam sessions of jazz) based on the social networking platform offered in technical collaboration by IBM.

This platform allows you to manage up to 20,000 participants, whom we would ask to address the problems of innovation in our country, with an eye to good practices, to things that can change to reduce errors, inefficiencies and bureaucratic burdens.

Are expected  10 forums, which we will define in collaboration with the communities themselves, dedicated to the crucial issues of innovation, such as "financing start-ups", "research-business collaboration", "the role of the PA" .

The 10 topics will be launched in early September to be tackled by the different communities of Innovators who discuss and work on the Web: Science Parks, Incubators, Digital Agenda, BTO educational, Innovators, PA, digital natives, High Talents, etc.

During 40 hours between 8:00 on 13 September until midnight on the 14th, the discussion and ideas of the participants, up to 20,000 simultaneously, will be monitored and analyzed by a dedicated IBM tool, with the help of a group of facilitators that we will identify among the various active communities.

The results of this exercise of collecting ideas and experiences will be presented after about a month, around mid-October. It will be the first time, not only in Italy, that there has been a "consultation" of such a large community of people and at the same time so professionally engaged in the field of innovation for what we would like to become an annual event.

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