Innovating Innovation at the CNR

Innovating Innovation
New frontiers for innovation in the network enterprise

20-21 October 2014, Conference Hall, CNR
Piazzale Aldo Moro, 7 – Rome

Preliminary program

The final program will be distributed to the participants.

October 20 – Pre-conference

9:00 – Registration

9:30 am – New forms of work for new forms of innovation

Nello Iacono and Carlo Infante, States General of Innovation, lead

An open talk to discuss new business models, based on coworking, on the collaborative economy – Coworking in particular becomes the emblem of a strong and radical change, also because it identifies the contamination, interaction, sharing of the same place by workers of different organizations, or without organization, as a fertile ground for creativity and innovation.

Coworking is also increasingly spreading in Italy and is establishing itself not as one of the forms of work, but as the most concrete and effective expression of a new work culture, of a new social philosophy, not confined to freelancers and startups, but essential for all businesses and also for public administrations.

What are the new business models that develop on these bases, for SMEs but also for medium-large enterprises? What impact do the consequent practices of sharing, exchange and reuse between private individuals and between public and private individuals have on both the business and the innovation model? What role should the public sector, the administrations have?

The open talk explores these points, with the ambition of consolidating a shared position paper at the conclusion of the discussion, together with: organizers of networks and coworking spaces; companies (private and public) participating in coworking spaces; fablabs that integrate into coworking spaces; incubators that develop the potential of coworking; mobile workers; administrations participating in this change.

According to open talk format designed by the SGI Association, the meeting is divided into three phases:

  • an initial opening session with presentation of the themes and ideas by the invited speakers;
  • parallel groups on two areas of study (Smart Working and Urban Coworking), also in “whisper talk” mode (the group converses thanks to the radio headphones, whispering);
  • a final session with feedback from the working groups, final comments and visual thinking with twitter wall: #smartWorking #urbanCowork #InnovaConf

They have confirmed their participation

  • Serena Baldari, City of mothers
  • Gianmarco Carnovale, Rome StartUp
  • Marco Contini, OpenHub
  • Eugenio Casadio Tarabusi, Rome Design Lab
  • Dario Carrera, TheHub Rome
  • Fabio Mongelli, Rome Academy of Fine Arts
  • Simone Pacini, FattidiTeatro
  • Enrico Parisio, Millepiani coworking
  • Federica Pesce, Melting Pro. Laboratory for Culture
  • Tommaso Spagnoli, SPQR Work
  • Leonardo Zaccone, Rome Makers Association
  • Lucia Zappacosta, Metro Olograph.

13.00 – Lunch break (free)

2.30 pm – New tools and methods for innovation in the online business: tutorials and demos

Plenary session with introduction of the topics that will be addressed in the specially equipped workstations.

Knowledge management in the BIVEE project to support innovation initiatives.
Francesco Taglino, BIVEE & CNR

Monitoring innovation in collaborative environments: the BIVEE project framework
Claudia Diamantini, BIVEE & Polytechnic University of Marche

Virtual Innovation Factory: the BIVEE platform to innovate in virtual teams
Daniela Isidori, BIVEE & Loccioni

MSEE Service Lifecycle Management Platform
Mauro Isaja, MSEE & Engineering

The Research and Business Center: innovation experiences at the CNR in Florence
Renzo Salimbeni, CNR, Research and Business Center of Florence

L24L project: a living lab for the Lazio Region
Fabrizio Ricci, CNR, IASI

Interoperability for Innovation in Large and Small-Medium Enterprises: The Venis Approach
Bruno Casali, ItLink

BlueMix: programming in the Cloud
Angelo Albanese and Francesco Pedulla', IBM Italy

4.00 pm – Coffee break

4.30 pm – Parallel meetings in the various set up stations.

18:00 – End of the Pre-conference

October 21 – Conference

The October 21 program is organized in 3 sessions, preceded by the Opening Session. The day ends with a Round Table. The 3 sessions correspond to the three types of subjects involved in the innovation processes:

  • Innovation Champions: companies, especially networked SMEs, which despite operating in very different sectors, are characterized by being able to innovate by adopting winning solutions,
  • Innovation Angels: organizations that provide innovative solutions aimed at the Innovation Champions intervene, in particular there are the testimonies of European projects, academia and industries.
  • Innovation Promoters: organizations that facilitate innovation, with regulatory, financial, infrastructural interventions, etc.

The central objective of the conference is to provide concrete elements, creating a 'pragmatic' framework on what is happening in Italy today and what we can do to start a cultural process for new forms of innovation in companies. To this end, each speaker was asked to answer three questions:

  • What do you think are the factors that can facilitate and promote innovation (Innovation Boosters)?
  • What do you think are the factors that hinder and slow down innovation (Innovation Blockers)?
  • Given the previous two points, what is its'vision', and the strategy to relaunch innovation in the country?

For this reason, no intervention has a title, or rather they all have the same title, represented by the three questions. The reports are expected to last 10 minutes.

8.30 am – Registration (please register online:

9:30 am Welcome – Opening session

Moderator: Michele Missikoff, BIVEE Project

  • Greeting from the President of the CNR. Louis Nicolais*
  • Greetings from the General Manager, Paolo Annunziato
  • Greetings from the AICA General Manager, Giulio Occhini

10.30am – Innovation Champions

Moderator: Stephen Trueman, Sapienza Innovation

  • Pietro Gabriele, Digital Foundries (3D printing)
  • Carlo Simotti, ATEN IS (Aerospace),
  • Domenico Solano, Philips (Light and electromedical)

11:00 – 11:30 Coffee Break

  • Federico De Simone, MAKOO (Goldsmith)
  • Luigi De Simone, Village of Tuscia (Agro-food)
  • Carlo Mastroianni, ECO4CLOUD (Cloud computing)

12 noon – Innovation Angels

Moderator: Claudia Wilhelmine, TXT

  • Michele Missikoff, BIVEE Project
  • Claudia Guglielmina, MSEE Project,
  • Paolo Merialdo, Roma Tre University and InnovAction Lab
  • Alberto Silvani, CNR
  • Sergio Petronilli, Aeneas
  • Massimo Canducci, Engineering
  • Fabrizio Renzi, IBM Italy

1.10 pm – 2.30 pm Lunch break (free)

2.30 pm – Innovation Promoters

Moderator: Carla Milani, IBM Italy

  • Guido Fabiani, Lazio Region, Department of Economic Development and Productive Activities
  • Fulvio D'Alvia, Confindustria - Reteimprese
  • Ezio Andreta, OPEN
  • Stephen Trueman, Sapienza Innovation,
  • Lino Fiorentino, Rome Research Consortium,
  • Franco Patini, AICA
  • Roberto Magnifico, LVentures

3.40pm – 4.10pm Coffee break

4.10 pm – Connective Intelligence Atelier

During the day there will be three 'rapporteurs', one for each question related to Innovation Boosters, Innovation Blockers, Vision & Strategy, who will take a summary note of what the rapporteurs said on each of the three questions and will report a summary. These three short reports will be the input to theWorkshop of connective intelligence, a form of 'social' elaboration where a small group of discussants will share considerations, comments, evaluations and proposals among themselves and with the participants in the classroom, using an innovative method of investigation and sharing.

Moderator: Maria Pia Rossignaud, Media Duemila


  • Nello Iacono, SGI: Innovation Champions
  • Carlo Alberto Pratesi, Univ. RomaTre: Innovation Angels
  • Flavia Marzano, SGI: Innovation Promoters


  • Augusto Coriglioni, Unindustria
  • Michele Missikoff, BIVEE Project
  • Alessandro Musumeci, CDTI
  • Franco Prampolini, IBM Italy
  • Gianmarco Veruggio, CNR

Online registration (free but recommended, subject to availability):

Technical-Scientific Committee of the 'Innovating Innovation' Conference

Michele Missikoff (Coordinator), Piero Bucci, Massimo Canducci, Cristina Cristalli, Claudia Diamantini, Tommaso Federici, Sergio Gusmeroli, Lino Fiorentino, Claudia Guglielmina, Nello Iacono, Carlo Infante, Daniela Isidori, Roberto Magnifico, Chiara Maresia, Flavia Marzano, Paolo Merialdo , Carla Milani, Franco Patini, Francesco Pedullà, Domenico Potena, Carlo Alberto Pratesi, Maurizio Proietti, Raffaele Pullo, Maria Pia Rossignaud, Paolo Spagnoletti, Giuseppe Stecca, Francesco Taglino, Isabella Terzoni, Stephen Trueman, Gianmarco Veruggio.

* Presence pending confirmation.

#InnovaConf #sginnovation

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