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This is the first training course in Italy promoted by four faculties of Sapienza University of Rome and from Inail and with the collaboration of numerous partners representing the Italian productive fabric, will make it possible to train new professionals in line with changes in the world of work. The places available are 35 of which 20 covered by scholarships/funding provided for the most deserving students, half financed with the contribution of Inail and half with that of the initiative's partner institutions.

Wisdom And Inail have designed an innovative path, a two-year level II inter-faculty Master's degree in Integrated management of health and safety in the evolution of the world of work for the purpose of creating new professional figures for prevention and protection in the workplace that are able to respond to the challenges of changing the world of work and technological innovation.

For the first time in Italy, the knowledge of four university faculties has been brought together to create an innovative training course in terms of teaching and topics. The master is in fact promoted by Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Pharmacy and Medicine, Civil and Industrial Engineering and Law of the Roman University and Inail with the aim of training new professional figures for the protection of workers' safety in corporate contexts that have become increasingly complex.

The idea of the Master was born from the new great transformation of the world of work which, with the rapid and profound socio-demographic changes, the globalization of markets and technological innovations, as well as offering great opportunities for development and increase in the competitiveness of companies, has led to a redefinition of production and work processes. These changes can lead to changes in the quality of working conditions and in the levels of health and safety protection in the workplace (SSL). Targeted interventions are needed to increase work sustainability and respond to new challenges: prolonged exposure to OSH risks, the emergence of new risks, the need to face important changes in work management and the need to understand the influence that age has on working ability.

The two-year training course is integrated with advanced training courses, in particular in relation to: demographic changes, technological evolution, nanotechnologies, industry 4.0, enabling technologies, IoT, process digitization, automation, robotics, smart working, digital transformation. The multidisciplinary, legal, engineering and medical approach is the tool designed to learn how to manage risk in an integrated way right from the process design phase.

The specialized path involves excellent partner institutions such as Rome airportsConfindustriaIs in theEniFederchimicaFiat Chrysler Automobiles FCARubes Triva FoundationItalian railway network RFITriad who will actively contribute to teaching by offering participants the possibility of training internships related to health and safety issues with an integrated multidisciplinary approach.

The master is part of the promotion of activities aimed at protecting the health and safety of workers and spreading the culture of safety, envisaged by the framework agreement signed between Inail and Sapienza University of Rome.

Witness of excellence of the presentation event last November 28 was Alex Zanardi.

After his car accident in 2001, Zanardi became the Paralympic handbike champion, winning four gold medals at the London 2012 and Rio 2016 Games, as well as eight titles in the world road championships. His last extraordinary achievement dates back to a month ago, with the new world record in the Iron Man – triathlon of swimming, cycling and running – concluded with a time of less than nine hours. The champion, with his success story created with commitment, innovation and ability, has brought a message full of meanings for young people who will become an active part of this innovative path.

It is possible to register until January 31st 2018!

Due to its interdisciplinary character, the Master's is aimed at those in possession of a university degree belonging to all master's and specialist degree classes without any restrictions on the Faculty of origin, interested in acquiring knowledge and skills to be used in field of risk management in an integrated and innovative way, through a multidisciplinary approach (legal, engineering, medical-health) to be applied right from the design phase of production and work processes.

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