Operational meeting of the Rome Smart City Project

The December 14th An operational meeting will take place Rome Smart City project, so as to proceed with the activities started.

The meeting has the objective of 

  • take stock of the various activities that we had identified during the meeting of 26 September (and reported on the wiki https://www.statigeneralinnovazione.it/wiki/index.php?title=Activities:Events:Roma_smart_city)
  • agree on aAgenda for Rome Smart City, to be proposed to candidates for mayor (and perhaps also as president of the region) immediately in January, when the candidacies will be defined, but to start communicating even earlier, immediately after the meeting;
  • start joint initiatives (on the basis of the proposals already received, and of those that everyone will be able to present on the 14th and send first to this mailing list);
  • share the initiatives already underway by individual associations.

A first draft of the Agenda, which is being enriched, streamlined and revised, and on which you are all invited to contribute, is always on the wiki at https://www.statigeneralinnovazione.it/wiki/index.php?title=Agenda_per_Roma_Smart_City.
The meeting of 14 December (16-19) will take place at the “Come se” Architecture Gallery, in via dei Bruzi 4/6 (http://www.comese.me.it/contatti.html).

At the end of the meeting there will be an aperitif (cost: 5 euros).
For organizational reasons it is confirmation is required of your participation in the meeting and the final aperitif by email to info@statigeneralinnovazione.it.

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