The world rolls…

Bill Gates sides with the FBI and gets the apple rolling.

The Microsoft founder told the Financial Times that hi-tech titans must cooperate with American justice in terrorism cases. The issue at stake between the investigators and Apple has a name: data encryption.
Anyone who has seen The Imitation Game knows what I'm talking about. The film is the story of Alan Turing, the father of information technology, who, together with a group of mathematicians and physicists enlisted by the British secret services, discovers the encrypted codes of Enigma, the machine that the Germans used to block orders. Apple has an Enigma concerning the San Bernardino attack and justice wants to intervene on the data kept in an iPhone, that is, it wants to undo the encryption chain. Simple. Not for Apple. Gates' sortie into the wind once again proves who is the best in Silicon Valley.

…and who are the Americans with? With the FBI. A Pew Research poll says 51 percent of Americans believe Apple should cooperate with the law. (M. Sechi – The Sheet)

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