The Ministry of Innovation presents the National Strategy for Digital Competences

The Minister for Technological Innovation and Digitization Paola Pisano signed the decree of adoption of National Strategy for Digital Skills.

An important step for our country which prepares the field for an effective operational plan which can ensure, as the Ministry explains, “the implementation of organic, multi-sectoral and effective interventions in an area which is fundamental for the economic and social development of the country. Until now, the lack of a strategy has limited the implementation of digital transformation processes. Digital skills are in fact a strategic priority”.

Developed as part of the initiative Digital Republic, the Strategy arises from the collaboration between Ministries, Regions, Provinces, Municipalities, Universities, Research Institutes, companies, professionals, Rai, associations and various branches of the public sector, in addition to the organizations adhering to the National Coalition (more than 120, which promote over 130 initiatives).

Nello Iacono and Erika Miglietta of the Digital Transformation Department of the Presidency of the Council, deepened the theme in the article written for Agenda Digitale, in which they explain that "Having a global, multi-sectoral, integrated strategy for digital skills means being able to plan organic interventions, strengthening the synergy between school and university, between these and new jobs, policies for young people, businesses and public administration, policies for citizenship digital”. Laws here the complete article.

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