Flavia Marzano: «To innovate you need technologies, projects and creativity»

BOLZANO. Technologies, creativity and organization. Three ingredients for making innovation according to Flavia Marzano, president of the States General of Innovation, university professor and member of the scientific committee of the Innovation Festival to be held in Bolzano from 26 to 28 September next. Innovating means imagining new horizons, underlines the competent provincial councilor Roberto Bizzo.

What is innovation in a nutshell?

marzano: «Today three ingredients are needed to innovate: technologies, creativity and organisation. However, these ingredients can only work if mixed with the ability and desire to accept "the different" as a value, bearing in mind that an innovation process can only be influenced».

Bizzo: «Innovation is not only the ability to build new products, but it is above all the ability to imagine new horizons and it is made by people: every true innovation in fact arises from the ability that some extraordinary people have to see what others cannot to see".

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