Epidemic and Infodemic: a single "dashboard" for all data on Covid-19?

In the article "Epidemic and Infodemic: a single "dashboard" for all data on Covid-19?" Published on key4biz, the president of the States General of Innovation Fulvio Ananasso and the computer scientist and statistician Dominic Christmas explore a very delicate topic, that of data relating to the Covid-19 health emergency.
Information on new cases is disseminated daily, such as current positives, discharged, deceased, hospitalizations in intensive care, swabs performed, positivity rate, RT, etc. But how to manage this information so that you can have a unified and complete vision?
«Every day a lot of data is provided on the evolution of the Covid pandemic - the authors explain - which require considerable commitment and preparation to derive a structured overview. It is therefore proposed both to perfect a glossary of terms, to ensure greater uniformity and comprehensibility of the data, and an information dashboard (dashboards) which places the individual data in a significant overall picture of the trend of the epidemic, from the national to the territorial level".
Read here the full article.

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