“Innovation Disclosure”: webinar “From Atbash to Enigma: A Brief History of Cryptography”

The webinar "From Atbash to Enigma: A Brief History of Cryptography”, the first of two seminars on encryption, with a historical cut edited by Sandro Fontana, partner of SGI and expert in security (network and data), cryptography, digital signature and blockchain.

The webinar is part of the cycle of seminars of the General States of Innovation on “Innovation Disclosure”, whose complete calendar will be communicated shortly.

There encryption is the technique of representing a message, so that this can only be understood by the recipient. Initially of great use in the military, diplomatic and commercial fields, today it is present everywhere in the everyday digital world. The methods for exchanging secret messages date back to the year 600 BC, cross Ancient Greece, Imperial Rome, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, where they begin to become "Science". This first seminar tells the story of cryptography, from the first examples of hidden messages, to the cipher machines of the Second World War. The second, more technical webinar will be held on Thursday March 18th.

Registrations at links: subscribers will receive an email with the info necessary to access the meeting on the Zoom platform.

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