Digital rights and open data: the foundations for smart cities and communities - Bologna 6 July 2012

The association States General of Innovation organize with the Emilia Romagna region, an event on Geographic Information for Smart Cities.

The meeting will be held on Friday 6 July 2012 at the Emilia-Romagna Region – Conference Room A, Third Tower (Here you are how to get) and will see the participation of representatives of the promoters and other experts on the topics covered, in working tables open to businesses, associations and citizens.

It intends to address the issues of Geographic Information articulated with respect to the context of "Smart Cities", "Intelligent Cities" or, again, "Digital Cities" initiatives, promoted in various forms and to which an ever-increasing number of Municipalities and communities are participating. Each project takes into consideration one or more sectors of intervention, based on the priorities and sensitivities of the promoters: energy efficiency, mobility, environmental monitoring, communication with citizens, tourism promotion, just to name a few. For everyone, however, Geographic Information plays an enabling infrastructure role and geomatics technologies contribute to the creation of innovative services.

Digital geographic information today, like maps in the past, is a pillar for the governance and development of a nation. Precisely for this reason, they are also the heritage of the community. The Bologna event will be an opportunity to launch an initial study among all the stakeholders of the Smart Cities, leveraging on the themes of the States General of Innovation (Youth creativity, merit, knowledge-based work - Digital Inclusion - Innovation as an opportunity for business development - Open Government) and formulate proposals, put forward ideas and solutions to restart innovation in the country, also benefiting from the contribution offered by the geomatics sector.
Topics we will cover:

  • Innovative Spatial Data Infrastructures for efficient Smart Communities and Smart Cities
  • Open data: Community able to collaborate and use geographic information
  • New interactive public communication formats: participatory urban planning, territorial and social innovation

(are available i Position paper of the three themes)

The promoters of the initiative are proposing a path which, grafting onto the roadmap of the States General of Innovation, continues in the following months the study of the topics addressed, both on the Web and on the occasion of the public appointments in which they will be debated: conference AM/ FM GIS (Rome, 26-27 September), Smart City Exhibition (Bologna 29 - 31 October), ASITA Conference (Vicenza, 6-9 November), GFOSSDAY (Turin 14/16 November) and other events in preparation.



More information are available by reading the full program.

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