Data Journalism and Open Data

FNSI: Open Data–Data Journalism, the operational table is underway.


The presentation of the researchOpen Data–Data Journalism: transparency and information at the service of companies in the digital age', was an opportunity to discuss and discuss the right to information and the opportunities arising from the progressive digitization of documents and facts in the world.
On 27 October last, at the headquarters of the National Federation of the Italian Press (FNSI), the debate has tightened around new plans for the interaction between journalistic practices and citizens' interests.
To date, the quantities of data available are enormous, while transparency is low. The meeting where the study carried out by was illustrated on this contradiction Andrea Fame, from which an e-book published by LSDI extension, which analyzes the evolution of Data journalism (from the new opportunities offered by technological development to the civic thrust of the Open Data culture) and illustrates its possible applications, collecting the main experiences at an international level and contextualizing them to the current Italian reality, in which the the data transparency movement has so far looked rather weak.
The journalistic and civic aspects repeatedly intertwine, giving life to a new breed of journalists of the future able to read even in apparently unreachable areas of the Web and to seize the opportunities for collaboration with those already existing realities in possession of the technical knowledge necessary to develop large-scale journalism projects. In this scenario, while the newsrooms must equip themselves for these tasks, the associations that fight for transparency must relaunch a mature movement, capable of influencing the public debate and pushing the parliament to adopt new rules, in the wake of the Freedom of Information Acts that already exist in other countries.
The will to initiate a new phase of collaboration between journalism, data release associations and the segments of the public administration more sensitive to transparency issues thus emerged from the debate.
At the end of the same, it was decided to consolidate relations between FNSI, associations and the political world, convening a new meeting of an operational nature, as proposed by the president of FNSI, Robert Nataland, to relaunch a movement that aims to implement advanced legislation in terms of access to data in our country as well. At the same time, Senator Vincenzo Vita undertook to organize a meeting with parliamentarians from the Chamber and Senate on issues of transparency of public administration data.
The meeting was attended by, in addition to Christmas And Life and to the author of the Research, Andrea Fame, Victor Alvino, president of the Open Polis Association; Ernest Belisarius: president of the Association; Raffaele Fiengo: professor of journalistic language at the University of Padua; Luke Nicotra, secretary of digital Agora; Pino Rea, LSDI coordinator; Mario Tedeschini Lalli and Guido Columba, president of the Union of Italian Chroniclers.

(source: FNSI extension)

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