Cybersecurity: 6 million jobs available in three years


There cybersecurity it is an issue that is becoming increasingly important, in an era in which the need to control computer networks for reasons of public safety intersects with the need to manage strategic communication networks for economic development and the offer of services innovative.

And so while all we talk about is the need to modernize the systems of social and relational communication between users and service providers, the need to 'educate' the world population in the new information technology systems and the best way to do it, from On the other hand, the need arises, the urgency, the opportunity and even the obligation to regulate the methods of access to those who are all too aware of the historical significance of the changes imposed by the so-called modernity
and who have so much knowledge as to be able to overcome, even go beyond, the digital and IT communication systems.
The institutional bodies, at local and global level, interested in the subject, its correlations and implications, are very numerous.

Because of this Anitec, the Confindustria association of the ICT and consumer electronics sector, together with National Research Council, to Cotec – Foundation for technological innovation, with the collaboration of State Police organized a day of work and discussion reserved for ICT and telecommunications companies.
The appointment was held on January 13 in Rome, at the headquarters of the Cnr.
Among the senior speakers: Cristiano Radaelli, president of Anitec, Luigi Nicolais, president of Cnr and Alessandro Pansa, prefect, chief of police, director general of public safety.

Many issues have emerged, including the need to be able to control communication networks from cyberattacks, and for security purposes in general, without violating privacy and the free nature of the web; cryptography for cybersecurity, the security of mobile devices and cloud computing systems, big data and the sharing of information in respect of privacy also in the broader framework of IT forensics aspects; software security and system risk and security management, the link between industrial anti-espionage and anti-terrorism strategies; the impact on cloud and big data.
Common denominator and starting point: the importance of strengthening the relationship between industry, institutions and the world of research

For Christian Radaelli information, together with human capital, is the main asset of companies and organizations – said the President of Anitec, continuing: “For this reason, their management and their security represent a priority which, in the era of the Internet of everything, translates into the need to enhance more and more professional figures such as data scientists, chief technology officers, mobile developers, big data architects. At the European level, the Ict professions are given an increase of 27%. The cybersecurity market, in particular, is thriving and is projected to grow from $75 billion in value generated in 2015 to $170 in 2020.
More than 209,000 cybersecurity jobs in the United States are currently vacant and worldwide demand is projected to be 6 million by 2019, with a projected shortfall of 1.5 million. For this reason, the disruptive emergence of the issue of cybersecurity makes this scenario even more evident

To govern this development and create value in our country – he concluded Radaellicollaboration between companies, research centers and law enforcement agencies is necessary. Our country has the skills and resources to play an important role in internal defense and also to provide technologies and applications to friendly countries and organizations. The start of the collaboration between Anitec, Cnr, Cotec and the State Police is an important step in this direction”.

The President of the Cnr Louis Nicolais centered his report on the important issue of security: “The topic of cybersecurity, until a few years ago a topic close to science fiction, today is one of the strategic assets in every organization on which investments in technological infrastructures, development of skills, definition of professional profiles are concentrated. It is a constantly evolving sector destined to grow exponentially and which poses intriguing cultural and political challenges. While in the productive sectors the areas of intervention are quite defined especially where one operates according to a well-defined and circumscribed objective, social cybersecurity touches much wider, more delicate and problematic areas because it affects the sphere of the rights of the individual. It is therefore appropriate that there are no blank proxies on these issues, but that everyone, especially if responsible for making collective decisions, is an active part

The Chief of Police, director general of public safety, prefect Alessandro Pansa he has declared: "the complexity of the cybersecurity issue today requires an inevitable synergistic effort to meet the daily need for information security. For this reason, the State Police has launched a series of collaborations to create a network of partnerships, also making its exclusive expertise available to the National Anti-Crime Center for the Protection of Critical Infrastructures (CNAIPC), as a body of excellence for the supply of security services”.

Representatives of Accenture, Adb, Ads, Alenia Aermacchi, AlmavivA, Centro Fiat, Cisco, Cliocom, Comdata, Crf, Enac, Enel, Ericcson, Eustema, Facilitylife, Fastweb. Finmeccanica, H3G, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Ids, Italtel, Microsoft, Nokia, Selex-es, Selta, Sitael, SmOptics, System Management Srl, Telecom, Thales Alenia Space, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Vitrociset, Vodafone, Welcome Italia spa.

Finally, I will not omit some references to the news of the day relating to the topic discussed and which seem to be of certain importance, because unfortunately computer security is a tremendously serious fact that must be managed with the appropriate seriousness, for this reason Governments must take an interest in it and more and more interested in:

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