COVID-19 and sustainable innovation: what future for SMEs in the sector?

The coronavirus emergency is crossing all continents, upsetting their social and economic system, transforming the lives of each of us, also placing the issue of digital innovation at the center of the public debate, which today is making a significant contribution in the health sector but is profoundly changing even our way of relating. Responding to new social needs, guaranteeing essential services for citizens, the possibility of working thanks to smart working, school continuity, and much more.

The topic of the future and the possible scenarios and opportunities for the sector is inevitable: here is the analysis by the President of the General States of Innovation Fulvio Ananasso in thepublished article on the journal Agenda Digitale.

«In this scenario, one of the desirable cultural changes that will remain at the end of the pandemic will be the attention toresponsible innovation in our models of life. New forms of social interaction and production of goods and services based on investments in innovation that can stimulate responsible growth, connected directly or indirectly to the use of Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) for a more sustainable development». With particular attention to the «investments to stimulate innovation, especially protecting ed encouraging micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) vital to our productive fabric".

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