Let's build the Umbria Digital Agenda together

The construction process of the Umbrian Digital Agenda was launched in an innovative way, with the collaboration also of the Associazione Stati Generali dell'Innovazione. One of the tools is the ideary #umbriadigitale which joins the thematic site of the Umbria Region dedicated toDigital Agenda.


The design ideas of this "ideario", one of the most tested consultation tools, will be the working basis for theregional event #umbriadigitale to be held on 15-16 April 2013 in Perugia.

The design ideas generated through the public consultation in this "ideario" will be used in the course of theDigital Agenda of Umbria, and in particular:

  1. in the short term - ideas will contribute to the definition of the interventions to be implemented in the Digital Agenda of Umbria in the period 2013-2014 (on which a subsequent participatory planning process will open)
  2. for the medium/long term – ideas will serve as reflections on the theme "Digital growth" useful for the 2014-2020 planning (currently under development).


An important initiative that goes in the direction ofopen government and to which everyone is invited to contribute their ideas and experiences. And the main way to support her is participate.


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