Permanent Consultation of Innovation of 23 October – Let's improve the Decree on the Digital Agenda

The Growth 2.0 decree was finally published in the Official Gazette. The Growth 2.0 decree has included provisions on the subject of Digital Agenda which had been announced would flow into the "Digitalia decree", an organic decree focused on the issues developed by the working groups of the Digital Agenda Control Room. Based on an overall strategy, divided into short and medium-term plans. It was not so.
This basic, strategic lack has been underlined from many quarters. For example, in articles from online magazines by ForumPA and egovnews.

This becomes now the moment of the proposal and possible parliamentary amendments: there are issues that require profound integration (such as that relating to digital literacy) and there will be no other opportunities before the end of the legislature.

As, let's start a collaborative process of writing amendments on our wiki, in view of second meeting of the Permanent Consultation of Innovation, which will be held on October 23rd at 2 pm, in Rome, at the Sala del Consiglio of the Faculty of Engineering, in via Eudossiana 18 (for organizational reasons it is necessary to communicate your participation by sending an email to

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