Press release: AgCom resolution and copyright

Protect the rights of authors, users and publishers, safeguard freedom of expression and information in telematic networks

The association, expresses deep concern about the decision of the AgCom to consult a resolution on copyright which contains many controversial points, including the possibility of inhibiting, even as a precautionary measure, and by administrative means, the access to websites and web services for an alleged violation of copyright, a prerogative that both the Constitution and Community law attribute to the judiciary.

We believe that on a matter like this in which the simultaneous and balanced guarantee of multiple rights that socially and legislatively balance copyright, to be protected and reformed, is essential, it is necessary to proceed through a transparent, open, and clearly internal process of the purposes, prerogatives and powers attributed to AgCom by the Parliament.

Since we do not believe that this is happening, and we recognize the risk of a measure inconsistent with the regulatory and intervention powers entrusted to the Authority, we ask AgCom to guarantee maximum protection of the rights of the person and of the community in relation to the necessary protection of copyright in electronic communication networks.

We also hope that Parliament will soon be entrusted with such a delicate matter to draft a framework law for the reform of copyright that takes into account the social and economic transformations brought about by digital technologies.

The States General of Innovation
Flavia Marzano, President


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