Coding Girls, young Italians accept the challenge of science and technology

By 2030 between 40 and 160 million women will have to think about a new job or retrain their technological skills in order not to be excluded from work.
But today it is woman only the 20% of workers in science and technology and the 35% of STEM students.
The highlights it McKinsey Global Institute report “The future of women at work”., which he also points out how the jobs held by women are 1.8 times more vulnerable to the ongoing health emergency than those of men: a gender gap which could reduce world GDP growth by more than $1 trillion in 2030.

It is therefore necessary to fill a gender gap, for which Italy is altogether al 76th place out of 153 countries and enhance the presence of women in the scientific and technological sectors, in order to overcome stereotypes and prejudices which also affect the new generations.
The success of Coding Girls, now in its sixth edition: the aims are to bring young Italian students closer to the technological and scientific professions, supporting and promoting gender equality in these sectors in the world of work.
Coding Girls is an educational program and training program created by the Foundation Digital World, with the support of the Embassy of the United States of America in Italy and of Microsoft Italy, which over the years has been joined by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Italy, the Foundation Company of Saint PaulEni and a network of 32 partners.
A project that has grown over the years involving more and more schools in 24 cities and about 15,000 female students, made up of young female programmers of the same age whose mission is to make secondary school female students passionate about computer programming.

Coding Girls predicts  coding competitions between schools, but also orientation and training sessions with university tutors and industry experts, who can be an example and inspiration.
“Our challenge – explains Mirta Michilli, co-founder of the association Coding Girls and director general of the Foundation Digital World – is to create a vertical educational chain that makes young women aware of the crucial role that each one can have in the development of the country. We are increasingly convinced that the winning strategy to accelerate the achievement of gender equality is school, as an effective defense against all forms of inequality. We help the new generations to free themselves from clichés and stereotypes to plan their future freely”.
Barbara Cominelli, Marketing and Operations Director Microsoft Italy underlined: The digital revolution, accelerated by the health emergency and an engine of growth, is profoundly changing the world of work which requires an increasing number of professionals with skills STEM. The theme of human capital is fundamental. Coding Girls it is connected to our training program Italy ambition: an investment plan to support the country's growth which also includes training courses to give digital skills to already established students and professionals”.

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