Call to Action: SGI officially adheres to Agenda Tevere

Another important step for our association, in this end of 2017 crackling and full of news: finally, we can announce the official adhesion of the General States of Innovation to Tiber Agenda.

What is Agenda Tevere

Agenda Tevere is a non-profit organization, established in March 2017, to which members/individual members and associations adhere, whose purpose is to "promote the recovery from degradation and the enhancement of the Tiber river and its banks, both by safeguarding the areas in which the environment has remained creating "micro-landscapes" with extraordinary natural formations, and helping to create a river park that makes the river banks fully accessible to Roman citizens and tourists". Furthermore, it works for “the protection, promotion and enhancement of things of artistic and historical interest. The Association intends to help safeguard, and make more usable to the public, archaeological areas and places of historical and artistic value scattered along the banks of the Tiber. The purpose of the Association is the enhancement and promotion of these spaces, making them more accessible both physically and virtually..."

The Agenda Tevere project aims to do for Rome what it does Central Park Conservancy has done for New York, that is to consolidate hitherto fragmented efforts and initiatives by promoting dialogue between active citizens, public institutions and private realities around the construction of a new public space along the banks of the Tiber that can be used for recreational, socialization, cultural, sports.

This idea of territorial development has already seen a successful experience in Italy with Agenda Praiano, so much so that one of the protagonists Robert Pontecorvo he was recently recruited by the Obama Foundation to join innovating young civic leaders from around the world.

Why the choice of Agenda Tevere

Because the Agenda Tevere project sets goals that are consistent with the goals of our association.

Because the project is characterized by a strong all-round action of social innovation, inspired by the policies on common goods, which finds its point of balance between technology, ecology, intangible and material goods.

Because the project integrates well with other relevant initiatives for process innovation and responsible community development in which our association is already present, such as the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development (ASviS), Open Government Partnerships (OGP), Internet Governance Forum (PGI), the Rome Capital Innovation Forum and more.

What contribution from the States General of Innovation?

What could be our contribution: on development strategies, participatory policy actions, collaboration tools, online assemblies, mapping of initiatives.

The development of the contribution will depend on the partners interested in collaborating.

Any idea or proposal is welcome.

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