Art and digital: the Madonna of Foligno in 3D, so Museater reinterprets Raphael's work

Seeing the practical realization of projects is always exciting: they are ideas that take shape, to be enjoyed by an audience of people of all ages and backgrounds. We show you the images of a beautiful experiment of Museater made by our partners from CRHACK LAB FOLIGNO 4D: the 3D appearance of the Our Lady of Foligno, or a total immersion in the digital dimension that combines innovation and enhancement of cultural heritage!

The Madonna of Foligno is aartwork created by Raphael in 1512, now kept in the Vatican Museums in Rome. Its oldest and most historically relevant copy is found in Umbria, in the Diocesan Chapter Museum of Foligno and the Crypt of San Feliciano: often the painting leaves the rooms of the Museum for exhibitions and events, so how can the void of such a "present" absence be filled ”, of a work that has become a symbol of the Umbrian city? He thought about it CRHACK LAB FOLIGNO 4D, a young Italian non-profit association created to change the digital culture using theArt of Crowdreaming, the same at the base of ours DREAM methodology, project to which States General of Innovation is working in synergy with Crack Lab Foligno.

CRHACK LAB FOLIGNO 4D organized the 3D apparition of the Madonna of Foligno at the Diocesan Capitolare Museum of Foligno and Crypt of San Feliciano, all the details of the protagonist of the work were treated and recreated in digital version, from her posture to the finishing touches of the 'suit. An event that has attracted the interest and curiosity of a very large and attentive public.
The activities of the DREAM project are inspired by the same methodology: "The main objective is to create digital works that involve the visitor, making them an active part of the exhibition through the use of new technologies", explains Paolo Russo, of States General of Innovation, coordinator and creator of the DREAM project.

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