“Wiki” kicks off Will the web save us? The web for everyone on Smtv San Marino

SMtv San Marino launches "Wiki", a multiplatform format. From Friday 27 April the new technologies will be told on TV, Hashtag twitter to interact: #wikitv .

Freedom is participation, Giorgio Gaber sang. Participation today is also the network, where new forms of digital citizenship are expressed.

Talking about all forms of video participation: this is the intention of “Wiki”, the first multi-platform format of San Marino state TV. From the TV you arrive at the internet, and vice versa. All with a simple and immediate language, to "disassemble" the mechanisms of the network and explain them to those who do not live online. “Wiki” will deal with what the web produces, relaunches, discusses together with its protagonists present in the studio and connected by webcam via Skype, to explain to those who are not online that new technologies can help us.


"Wiki" will be produced in the virtual studio of SMtv San Marino and will be broadcast from Friday 27 April first online on the smtvsanmarino.sm website (3.00 pm) and subsequently from the evening on Digital Terrestrial (dtt ch 73) and on the satellite (sky ch. 520, tivùsat ch.73), first passage at 22.05. #wikitv the twitter hashtag to interact.

«Thanks to the web and social networks, TV has created interactivity, a chimera until twenty years ago, when people remained in an armchair passive in front of the screen. In "Wiki" we reverse the pattern: the web and social networks use TV to address that audience that still remains passive in its armchair, urging them to participate. In the studio, conductors/navigators two special boys, one with silver hair for a collaboration between generations. The ingredients, those of TV: talk and controversy, but with WEB images. We ask the people of the network to collaborate. The mix of the two media has formidable potential and – as Gaber said – is freedom», explains Carmen Lasorella, General Manager of SMtv San Marino.

«Wiki will tell the web in a simple but complete way, trying to "literate" those who still know little about the web to new technologies. In Italian we do not only experience the scourge of the technological but above all cultural digital divide: it is necessary to explain how the network can today propose a new and participatory mode of active citizenship», points out Giampaolo Colletti, founder of the Altratv.tv network and author and host of "Wiki" .

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