At the starting line "Roma Innovation Hub", the first Convention of Italian technical professions

Over half a million Italian technical professionals enrolled in the Orders, about 40 interventions planned representing the political, institutional, productive and academic world, over 50 partner companies, leaders in the most innovative technological solutions and, then again, thousands of visitors in person, remote connections and live streaming: these are some of the numbers Of Rome Innovation Hub, the first Convention in the technical world to be held in Rome at the Palazzo dei Congressi next year 8, 9 and 10 September, promoted by the National Council of Industrial Experts and Graduated Industrial Experts and by the Network of Technical Professions, with the support of the Smart Building Italia network. Stati Generali dell'Innovazione is one of the promoters of “Roma Innovation Hubs”.


The initiative aims to start a discussion between design professionals, institutions and politics on the achievement of the country's decarbonisation objectives set by Europe, with the close deadlines of 2030 and 2050. The ambition is to offer solutions and ideas that allow Italy not to waste this historic opportunity, making the best use of the funds arriving from the European Union. So a comparison Between the main stakeholders to define the role of technical professionals in all those sectors where their expertise can be strategic for the achievement of the objectives set.

Three days during which, Rome, the main site of the works, will see delegates of all technical professions and experts from various sectors, invited for the occasion, discuss the four assets strategic chosen as the leitmotif of the event: smart cities, smart cities where everything is aimed at sustainability, well-being and energy efficiency; smart building that is, the green and digital revolution of construction; smart mobility, or the new electric and sustainable mobility connected with the sharing economy and, finally, smart services, i.e. the new digital services, including satellite ones, which are already governing every aspect of everyday life.

The schedule of the initiative will see the ribbon cutting for the opening of the works on 8 September in the presence of the authorities, which will be followed by the interventions of the Presidents of the network of technical professions representing nine national professional associations. To close the inaugural morning the delivery of the Apollodorus Prize to Federico Faggin, inventor of the first microchip and for this reason included in the "hall of fame" of inventors in the United States.

Four short talks conducted by the journalist Maurizio Melis will enliven the morning plenary session in a discussion between experts in the sector and institutions, while four technical seminars will punctuate the afternoon sessions of both days. The result of this comparison will be the drafting of a "white paper” made up of concrete proposals written by the technical professionals that will be delivered to the future government.

Parallel to the plenary and technical sessions, other halls of the Palazzo dei Congressi will host three specials events sector always linked to the themes of the event: a conference, in collaboration with Inail, linked to new security technologies, a second initiative to tell the experiences on the Italian territory in terms of Energy communities. Finally, a special and high-profile focus on the topic of the economy linked to the new services from space. Bringing together the technical professions with the world of space: this is the aim of the initiative space Innovation Hubs which aims not so much to transfer space technologies to Earth but to transfer terrestrial ones to space, opening up important business opportunities in particular for small and medium-sized enterprises and startups that will play a fundamental role in the game. The special focus is realized in collaboration with L'Agency Space Italian.

To conclude, the third day of work will be dedicated to the opening of the XV Congress of the Experts Industrial which will last until September 2023. An entire year during which the category will discuss the choices to adopt to accompany the reform process and quickly reach its completion, on the strategies to put in place to better structure and support the local organizations and on initiatives and projects to promote employment.

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