Agency for Digital Italy – let's compare

The new Development Decree (text anticipated by the media but currently not yet published in the Official Gazette) contains a section (Title II) dedicated to "URGENT MEASURES FOR THE DIGITAL AGENDA AND TRANSPARENCY IN THE PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION", which introduces the principle of transparency of public administrations through the publication of data on the Internet (here we are talking about the data of the loans disbursed) and in which it is established the Agency for Digital Italy.

We believe it is useful to start a comparison aimed at identifying those improvements that can be proposed as suggestions before publication in the Official Journal and, above all, given the timing, a basis for amendments in view of the future conversion of the decree into law.

You are therefore invited to insert your comments on this post, punctual and proactive from the point of view of "what to change or strengthen", or to report opinions on the matter that you think it is meaningful to share.

I start the comparison with my contribution from egovnews.

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