Agenda Tevere Onlus: 10 proposals to candidates for mayor of Rome for the redevelopment of the Tiber

Agenda Tevere Onlus, association committed to the redevelopment and enhancement of the Tiber river, has elaborated a Decalogue (here the text) of urgent and concrete actions for the redevelopment of the Tiber in Rome, which was sent to candidates for mayor who will compete in the next local elections.
The text is intended to be a working tool available to those who will govern the capital over the next 4 years, and is the result of the experience and skills of the members and of the 25 associations, including States General of Innovation, which make up Agenda Tevere Onlus.
Below the Press release. 


Who has to remove the fish carcasses from the waters of the Tiber?
Who has to take care of the decorum of the river? Who to make the shores accessible in safety?

The latest fish death has brought to light again the great problem afflicting the Tiber, paralyzed in its degradation: no one would seem invested with the duty of governing the river which dies asphyxiated by the fragmentation of administrative responsibilities in too many sometimes overlapping competences.

But Rome can only be reborn together with its river.
The 25 associations that founded Agenda Tevere Onlus are convinced of this, and is now making it available to the next Mayor of Rome 10 shares to demand the transformation of the capital's most significant blue and green infrastructure.

A dowry to be spent immediately on the redevelopment of the Tiber in its urban section.

First: define the project. Two: draw the map. Three: coordinate skills. Four: identify and strengthen a single administrative contact person. Five: protect the quality of the water and the cleaning of the banks, giving clear operational guidelines to the municipal companies of Rome Capital. Six/Seven: facilitate the accessibility of the docks and waters. Otto/Nove: invest in sustainable cycle, pedestrian and river mobility, in the use of sports and in the creation of permanent parks for citizens.

Point Ten closes the Decalogue: to have a clear political vision to protect and enhance the Tiber, in line with the objectives of the 2030 Agenda as an opportunity for sustainable development and ecological transition also in anticipation of the candidacy of the Capital to host the next Olympics and the Expo.

"The solution is always the same: make the municipal offices that already exist work, coordinate them with each other and with the other competent institutions" says Paola Cannavò, president of Agenda Tevere Onlus, "I hope that the new Mayor of Rome, whoever he will be, act immediately, we are here together with the Roman citizens. Always available to collaborate!”.

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