STEM subjects are taught at school with the ESERO project of the European Space Agency

The educational project ESERO – European Space Education Resource Office -, sponsored byEuropean Space Agency (ESA) in collaboration with theItalian Space Agency (ASI) to train science teachers in primary and secondary schools free of charge with insights dedicated to space conquest and exploration.
Public bodies and research organizations, both public and private, took part in the call; small, medium and large enterprises; foundations and associations; non-profit associations.

Started in 2006, ESERO uses the space as an inspiring context for teaching and learning STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).
Space is not in itself a subject of instruction, but rather an environment that provides real models of contemporary scientific methodology, multidisciplinary collaboration, access to cutting-edge scientific data and professional structures and roles in the STEM field.

Under the coordination of ESA and in Italy of ASI, and with the support of a wide range of national organizations active in the field of education and the space sector, the project aims to stimulate and train the community of teachers, who are the main channel for students.
The aim is to help attract young people to technical-scientific studies and careers, particularly in the space sector, and to educate the new generation to critical and autonomous thinking as a social value.

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