February 23: the Open Data Day in Italy

[Bologna, 5 December 2012] The third edition of the International Open Data Day, which will take place on 23 February 2013, will be the first appointment of an ambitious path that aims to fully bring the Open Data revolution to our country.

This is what was decided in a very crowded and participatory meeting which took place on 5 December in Bologna and which was attended by representatives of a large part of the public, associative and private entities which have so far worked in Italy on open data and linked open data.

The initiative aims to pool experiences and skills in order to quickly build the methodological, operational, cultural and social conditions for the development of the Open Data theme, above all taking into account the new regulatory framework outlined by the two recent decrees "Growth ”, which define a favorable context for the development of the Open Data movement, which has already been particularly lively in Italy for about two years.

The first activities launched relate to the establishment of six working groups which will have the task of preparing the Italian Open Data day, examining topics related to social, economic, cultural as well as methodological and technological aspects, with the aim of creating a state of the art and identify the most effective path for administrations and businesses, focusing on obstacles and critical issues to overcome, and offering these results in support of the activity of the Agency for Digital Italy.

The Italian Open Data Day will thus see a set of related events, with seminars, hackathons, presentations of successful cases and a "hub" event that will act as a link, so as to maintain the value of the exchange of knowledge and experience that with this initiative gains more strength.

On the site www.opendataday.it all the information on the initiative and the list of members.

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