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Action Plan 2018

The supranational dimension of the Digital Economy dictates searching for “critical mass”, through partnerships, alliances and collaboration agreements with national and international entities and stakeholders — one of the main 2018 strategic objectives.

Areas of interest and ongoing projects of SGI members concern:

  • Agenda Tevere (Tiber river)
  • Big Data, User Profiling & Artificial Intelligence
  • Corporate Communication, Promotion and International Relations
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) / Benefit Corporations (B-Corp)
  • Crowd-Dreaming 2018 Contest (3rd edition)
  • Digital Cultural Heritage, Arts & Humanities School (DiCultHer)
  • Employment & ICT-driven economic growth
  • Ethics and Innovation in the Internet Society
  • Fundraising and Participation to Financed Projects
  • Inter-Association Synergies & Agreements
  • Mentoring / Open Innovation Academy
  • Monitoring & Coordination of Local Administrations Innovations Activities
  • Monitoring & Coordination of School Innovations Activities
  • Monitoring of Environmental Issues
  • Open Government Forum
  • Personal Data Protection / Privacy
  • Presidium of Ultra Broad Band (UBB) Networks and Services (NGN & 5G)
  • Promotion and Development of Branch Office “SGI Piedmont”
  • Promotion, Understanding & Awareness of the “Spatially Enabled Society” Paradigm
  • RED (Digital Educational Resources)
  • Responsible Research and Innovation (“Open Innovation 2.0”)
  • SGI Status Transformation towards (wholly) Digital Management
  • Social Media Communication
  • Sustainable Development Initiatives
  • University & Entrepreneurship
  • Web Editing

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