We are pleased to publish an article on blockchain related topic, by our member Sandro Fontana. Enjoy the reading!

I am intrigued by blockchain technology and in the future use of smart contracts. Here, when I say “blockchain” I refer a secure, trustless, permissionless, decentralized ledger technology.

My mind is also full of ideas that are based -one way or the other- on blockchain technology.

I have so many ideas in my mind that I delete them, one after the other one: when I go to dig deeper, I’m not able to find a project that really needs the blockchain technology

( I would have a couple of ideas, not bad really, where implementing the blockchain is the right things to do: I just have to convince all the European countries to join my projects, so … stay tuned 🙂 )

I am quite sure that we are in the Cambrian period of the blockchain.

So I believe that we should not allow ourselves to be frenetic about using it at all costs.

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