Mission and Members

Stati Generali dell’Innovazione (SGI) was established on the initiative of some associations, movements, companies and citizens convinced that the best opportunities for growth for our countries are offered by the creativity of young people, the recognition of merit, the breaking down of the digital divide, renovation of the State through the Open Government.

Stati Generali dell’Innovazione is a non-political and non-profit association, set up as a network of associations, organizations, bodies, groups and individuals. It operates nationally, regionally and internationally, open to contribution of communities and people of all nationalities and social, economic, political background, who share its values, goals and principles.

The Association’s goal is paving the road to the “General States of Innovation”, setting the conditions for widespread participation of all stakeholders onto building up a shared perspective for an effective change in innovation policies in our Countries.

The Association aims at:

  • building a point of reference for associations, organizations, companies and individuals committed to innovation, from the point of view of impact on both social, industrial, and Public Administration transformation, in order to promote the synergy of individual initiatives and maximize the effectiveness of the related proposals;
  • defining a “bottom up” path across the territory to promote the General States of Innovation, through e-collaboration, co-working web platforms, studies and researches, thematic meetings, seminars and workshops, publications, etc.;
  • develop, update and promote, through inclusive shared process, a program for innovation in the State government, as a result of the General States of Innovation;
  • perform any other activity, not included above, deemed necessary or useful for achieving SGI’s goals.

The Association expressly excludes from its own goals those having as exclusive object the direct protection of the economic or sector interests of its members.

The Association, although not for profit, can carry out commercial activities, possibly offering services even to non-members, provided those are instrumental to the achievement of the social scope. In such cases, any net profit out of applicable tax regulations will be re-invested in the Association in order to improve its quality and effectiveness on carrying out SGI’s institutional activities.

In order to achieve the described objectives, the Association keeps working to spread out its activities and initiatives through relations and collaboration with national and international bodies, governmental departments, non-governmental organizations, private companies and other associations or groups of any king that share the SGI’s founding values and principles.

The Association may, among other things:

  • stipulate any appropriate deed or contract for the achievement of the statutory purposes, including, but not limited to, signing sponsorship agreements and deals of any kind with (national and international) Public Bodies or private Parties, which are considered appropriate and useful for achieving the goals of the Association;
  • stipulate agreements for getting the leadership of specific activities management;
  • hire employees and stipulate autonomous collaboration contracts, as well as any other form of consultancy services;
  • to participate in public and private Associations, Institutions and Bodies whose activity is focused (directly or indirectly) onto the promotion of studies in the field of technology and innovation — SGI may, wherever and whenever deemed appropriate, even contribute to establishing the aforementioned bodies.