Corporate Structure & Management Team

A rather significant number of members have committed themselves to collaborating on roughly twenty lines of action on the main themes of the Internet Society (see Action Plan).

The twelve leaders of such ongoing projects constitute the SGI Coordination (Steering) Committee, owning the responsibility of strategic-operational guidance of the corresponding lines of action, as the beginning of an experimental course of action assigning the “operations” as much as possible in the hands of the “digital” Assembly.

The Coordination Committee support the new Board of Directors, appropriately streamlined to be able to carry out in a more efficient and effective manner the executive tasks required by the regulations for the Association administration as a legal entity. In this way the Coordination Committee will be able to act in a more agile manner and without excessive bureaucratic constraints – according to a logic of “business organization” -, while the Board of Directors will then proceed to manage any formal acts required for the implementation of the operating lines of action, without prejudice to the prerogatives of representation and the role of strategic direction of the President according to the terms of law. In total, twelve members between the Board of Directors and the Coordination Committee constitute both the corporate and management team, working together to address a number of lines of development on the main themes of the Internet Society.

With regard to the work program projects, we have been implementing sections of this SGI website with the coordinators’ boards and blogs on the action lines they lead. Each coordinator is requested to manage his blog in order to provide information on what he / she intends to communicate to the members, and to give periodic reporting / project control on what is being done on that line of action with respect to what is planned. A sort of repository where the most significant steps / achievements and any deviations / corrective actions will be communicated periodically.

Elected members (for a 3-year term) to the mentioned corporate and operating positions of Stati Generali dell’Innovazione are as follows.