A look at the participants of the States General of Innovation

Sifting through the list of members of the States General of Innovation, one is amazed by the heterogeneity of the associations/companies/enterprises/institutions represented; We gladly offer you a glimpse, which for obvious reasons, can only be summary:

Advertigo, AEROGRAFO, AGCOM, Revenue Agency, Akos, Aletel, ALittleBIT & Frelancer, AlmaViva, Almawave, Altroconsumo, AMA, ANCITEL, ANSAF, ARPA Lazio, ARSIAL, ArtedelContatto, ASAS, ASit – Social Service on the internet, ASSI, ASSINTEL, Dn@ Association, Italia 2050 Association, New Jobs Association, Omega Association, East Curtain Theater Association, State Attorney's Office, Bank of Italy, Ethical Binary, Bit & Watt AGE, CNR., Capitale Lavoro, CASPUR, CATTID, CBT , Cilea, Cisco system, AICA, Municipality of Turin, Municipality of Grosseto, Municipality of Macerata, Municipality of Santa Maria di Licodia, Municipality of San Benedetto del Tronto, Consortium GARR, Commintec Consortium, FIT TOSCANA Network Agreement, ConUnGioco Onlus, Corpo State Forestry, Corviale Domani, Creova, De Valeri Law Firm Rome, DIDASCA, DigitPA, Physics Department – University of Pisa, DIET Department, La Sapienza University, E – Text Srl, Electron – Selex Elsag, ENEA, EuroWorks, Faculty of Architecture of Algae ro, Laboratorio Matrica, Fb&Associati, Fhoster.com, FILAS Lazio, Forecom, Formez PA, Galileo, Garamond, GEO consulting, GeoBeyond Srl, Gepin Contact spa, Girl Geek Dinners Rome, GreenVulcano, IBM, ICBPI, Il Secolo XIX, iMobility Forum , Impresa ICT, INAIL, Informatica Trentina, Informatici senza frontiere, Innovare24 – Gruppo24Ore, Innovation in Sciences & Technologies – Is TECH, Sustainable innovation, INPDAP, INPS, Insiel SpA, Interproductions, Invitalia, ISFOL, IsiCut, Isotype.org, ISTAT, University of Camerino, Comprehensive Institute "O.Giorgi" of Valmontone, Jemolo Institute Rome, Institute of Innovation Policies, Italia Lavoro spa, ITALTEL, IVO, IWA HWG, Audiovisual Technologies laboratory, Maiora Labs, Management Innovation, MAPLE, MashRome, Media Duemila, Microsoft, Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Health, Ministry of the Environment and Protection of the Land and Sea, Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Education and University and Research, Ministry of Agricultural Policies, Morgan spa, NewsMedia, Nexus&Soci srl, Noze, NuoviAbitanti, Oktago Srl, Gymnasium of creativity and innovation, Tor Vergata Science Park, Portale Sardegna, Poste Italiane, Postecom SpA, Presidency of the Council of Ministers,, ProgettoCampania2.0, Province of Brescia, Province of Perugia, Province of Rome, Punto Informatico, Questback, RAI, Red Turtle, Calabria Region, Lazio Region, Reply, Retecamere/chambers of commerce, RpR SpA Resources, GEOmedia magazine, Roma Capitale, Roma Tre, Sapienza University of Rome, SAS Institute, Scatenamarketing, Secure Edge srl, Securo srl, Seicos SpA, Selex Elsag, Shoot 4 Change, Sirti Spa, SN consulting, SocialWork 2.0 Soc.Coop.Sociale, Softlab SpA, Sosrinnovabili, Sourcesense, Studiare Sviluppo Srl, Alma Law Firm, Synteam New Media Agency, T6, TBWA\Italia, Telecom Italia, Tipota Movie Company srl, Tirasa srl, ToscanaIN, Umpi Elettronica srl, University of Turin, Union Reno-Gallie ra, Un'Isola in Rete, University of Naples, University of Milan - Bicocca, University of Pisa, La Sapienza University of Rome, Roma Tre University, UPI, Urban Experience, Virtual Angels Srl, Virtual Land Srl, Vox Net, Web Italia Onlus, Wikimedia Italia, Working Mother Italy…

… and many many more!

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