THEATER OF MEMORY. A map of urban experiences in the XIX Municipality of Rome

Theaters of Memory it is an event of the association for social promotion urban experience (scheduled in Rome from 24 to 29 January 2013, to then continue from 3 to 7 April) which combines oral memories with multimedia languages to solicit an experience of exploration of the territory.

It is an opportunity for citizens of various generations to meet in an urban performance based on their active participation.

The younger ones will follow the paths narrated by the older ones, promoting an intergenerational exchange for a theater of memory that brings out "the show of the territory”, noting the genius loci narrated by those who have traced experience for it to be listened to and explored.

The intention is not to program shows in the area but to create the enabling conditions (such as the use of radio headphones and smartphones to draw contributions from the web-map) so that listening to memory traces solicits attention while walking, according to particular formats of performing media.

The project relaunches the activity already carried out in January 2012, inside the S. Maria della Pietà with Enter Out according to the initiative line  Memory-Networks-Territory, made explicit in the radio-guided walks called  walk showthrough which the territory is explored by listening to the narrations of the elders already mapped in a geoblog.

The detailed programme. 

Participation is free but it is essential to book., 3397048897,

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